Hi, I’m Katey

Identical twin, wife, mom to 4 legged Miso, and … a Joyful Yogi.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.

My love for yoga began when I was on sabbatical, living in Shanghai, China. What started as a simple home practise to improve mobility and pain in my hips, became a dedicated ritual as I continued to roll out my mat while travelling through Asia – from Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali, all the way to the Philippines.

After returning to South Africa, I continued to expand my practise, as a way to connect to my mind and body, and find balance in a demanding career in advertising.

I completed my RYS 200 hour teaching training in 2018 (Vinyasa style), led by two of South Africa’s most respected and experienced teachers - Steven Heyman (Yoga Works) and Melanie Castleman (Melanie Castleman Yoga). I have also trained in prenatal yoga and am able to guide expecting moms safely through their practise.

My teaching style focuses on a balance of strength and stretching. I guide my clients so that they are able to ease their thinking mind with breathing techniques, connect to their body and enjoy exploring the gift of physical movement in a way that challenges and honours their capabilities. More importantly, I aim for my clients to experience a sense of joy, which translates both on and off their mat.